DIY Resource Equity Analysis Toolkit-TEST-PAGE

Ready to analyze resource equity in your district? This suite of tools is designed to help you conduct resource equity analyses and make meaning of their results. It’s the first step towards understanding resource allocation in your district—and ultimately creating more equitable outcomes for students.

Start with our “Diagnostic Blueprints,” which show the types of analyses that districts can conduct to assess resource equity for each of the 10 dimensions.

Dimension 1: School Funding
Dimension 2: Teaching Quality and Diversity
Dimension 3: School Leadership Quality and Diversity
Dimension 4: Empowering Rigorous Content
Dimension 5: Instructional Time and Attention
Dimension 6: Positive and Inviting School Climate
Dimension 7: Student Supports and Interventions
Dimension 8: High Quality Early Learning
Dimension 9: Learning ready Facilities
Dimension 10: Diverse Classrooms and Schools

Then, it’s your turn! Download our DIY Analysis Tools to plug in your own data and see the results.

DIY Analysis Tool 1 and 9
DIY Analysis Tool 2 3 7
DIY Analysis Tool 4 5
DIY Analysis Tool 6 8 10


Use our Resource Equity Toolkit to learn more, start a conversation, and take action in your community.

The Education Combination

Learn about education resource equity by discovering 10 dimensions that unlock better, more equitable experiences in school for all students.

Diagnostic Tool And Supports

Identify strengths and gaps in your school system across all 10 dimensions.


Explore underlying causes of your school system’s challenges and possible actions to improve students’ experiences in school.

Advocating for Equity Across All Levels of Government - Dimension 1 - School Funding

Advocating Across Government

Identify who has the power to address equity gaps in your school system and the school district, state and federal levels.

Make the Case: School Funding

Casemaking Decks

Develop compelling and coherent messaging to “make the case” for addressing resource inequities in your community.