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Education Resource Strategies

Education Resource Strategies is a national nonprofit that partners with district, school, and state leaders to transform how they use resources (people, time, and money) so that every school prepares every child for tomorrow — no matter their race or income. Since 2004, ERS has worked with more than 40 school systems and states to improve resource equity for students by analyzing data, exploring trade-offs, planning strategically, building consensus, and monitoring progress.

The Education Trust

The Education Trust is a national nonprofit that works to close opportunity gaps that disproportionately affect students of color and students from low-income backgrounds. Through research and advocacy, EdTrust supports efforts that expand excellence and equity in education from preschool through college, increase college access and completion particularly for historically underserved students, engage diverse communities dedicated to education equity, and increase political and public will to act on equity issues.

Why An Alliance?

Across the nation, local decision makers and equity advocates are committed to improving schools — including school board members, state and district leaders, civil rights advocates, families, educators, and even students themselves. However, a lack of coordination can limit the impact of these efforts. The Alliance for Resource Equity works to bring many combinations of stakeholders together around a framework for shared understanding, and a plan for collaborative action.

Our Approach

Transform systems and structures by building knowledge, capacity, and public and political will.

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