Advocating Across Government

Understand who has the power to influence decisions that impact the various dimensions of equity

Advocating Across Government

While many funding and policy decisions happen within districts, additional players — at multiple levels — make key policy and implementation decisions. Use our “Advocating for Equity Across All Levels of Government” guides to steer your advocacy efforts in an impactful direction by targeting the right levels of influence.

Use this tool to answer questions such as:

  • Who are the right people to engage to ensure students are being targeted for the mental health supports they need?
  • Who should advocates be asking to adjust the school schedule next year to accommodate tutoring during the day?
  • How can advocates ensure their district is providing the structures and supports needed to retain teachers of color?
  • How can advocates ensure their district is supporting educators and school leaders with the training they need to effectively engage families?
  • Who should advocates be engaging to be sure funding for building maintenance and upgrades are getting to the schools that need it most?

How to use this tool

  1. Use the Education Combination to determine which equity dimension is most aligned
  2. Consult the tools below and find reference to your question
  3. Determine action steps

User's Guide

How-to guidance on leveraging these guides, with specific examples that walk through how to identify answers to the questions posed above.

Advocating for Equity Across All Levels of Government – User’s Guide